Timeless Cameos

April 27, 2011

  • Cameos… works of miniature sculpted art have been cherished for ages. While their original purpose is somewhat lost in history, cameos owe their origins to ancient carving traditions. For at least 100 years from about 1840-1940, the cameo was the one piece of jewelry most women owned. While predominantly showcasing women’s profiles cameos also reveal the manners, customs, philosophies, historic events, and social occasions that have marked our past. While I was home this past weekend I engaged in one of my favorite past times… sneaking a peak into my mother’s jewelry box… I dug out a small little cameo which I had forgotten about tucked away deep in a corner which has a ship sculpted on it, this particular cameo most definitely marks a perfect example of one which encompasses an occasion of the past.
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    • TARINA TARANTINO TARINA TARANTINO "Classic" Pink Cameo Post Earrings

    • $28 - endless.com

    • Tagliamonte Three Graces - 18K Gold Mother of Pearl Cameo Pendant

    • $1,148 - forzieri.com

    • Angel Cameo Stud Earrings

    • $22 - 1928.com

    • Potluck Paris jewelry - Cameo Ring Silver

    • $120 - moxsie.com

    • Del Gatto Woman Agate Cameo 18K Gold Ring

    • $282 - forzieri.com

    • Del Gatto Woman Mother of Pearl Cameo Pendant/Pin

    • $495 - forzieri.com

    • Del Gatto Young Woman Cornelian Cameo Pendant / Pin

    • $466 - forzieri.com

For-Ev-Er : Eternity Bands

April 26, 2011

Usually characterized by a band of stones that wrap all the way around a ring, symbolizing the eternity of ones never ending love and commitment... these gorgeous bands are so classic and elegant and in my eyes will forever be in style! Encrusted with anything from diamonds to rare gemstones these fabulous rings vary in such a way from size and shape to color cut and style! I find that the more vintage eternity bands possess more beauty and character, but are much more difficult to come across unless you are on the hunt or you are lucky enough to have one handed down! Let me share with you just a few of my favorites... 

  • Stackable Eternity Rings Max & Chloe Collection III

  • $39 - maxandchloe.com

1 5/8 Carat Multi-Gemstone 14K Yellow Gold Ring

  • Zoe Yellow Diamond Eternity Band

  • $3,200 - barneys.com

Get Wacky Let Loose

April 25, 2011

Monday morning is not always the easiest for me; especially after a weekend spent out of town with an early morning return flight... I have to admit I am a bit on the sleepy side! What better to wake me up and brighten my spirits for the week than some oh so outrageous whack-a-doo jewelry! I cant get enough of this little goodies as they can add the perfect bright and bold touch to a yawnie sleepy potentially dull Monday morning! Get Wacky, Let Loose and enjoy your week! 

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jelly Bracelet Set

  • Solange Azagury-Partridge Hot Lips lacquered sterling silver ring

  • $1,640 (990 GBP) - net-a-porter.com

  • Betsey Johnson Ring, Monkey Stretch

  • $40 - macys.com

  • Marc by Marc Jacobs Bow enamel and brass stud earrings

  • $48 - net-a-porter.com

  • Juicy Couture - E-Pave Watermelon Stud Earrings (Gold) - Jewelry

  • $42 - zappos.com

Easter Bunny Couture

April 22, 2011

While I have to admit there is something that just doesn't get old about receiving an Easter basket year after year, I have yet to dig in to a basket that included any of the below Easter Bunny Bling! Nestled amidst that wirey green grass always seems to be just bunches of mini cadbury robins eggs and countless packs of florescent colored peeps... This year while you follow that trail of jelly beans leading to that treat filled basket, why not do it with a little pastel Easter style! 
  • What Color Is It? Watch in Pastel Prism

  • $40 - modcloth.com

  • Ettika Triple Stack Multi Color Satin Cord Bracelet : Ettika Women

  • $70 - couturecandy.com

  • Ice CP-DBG-U-P 'Pastel' Unisex Mint Silicon Bracelet Watch

  • $98 (60 GBP) - johnlewis.com

  • Alexis Bittar 'Flora - Rose Dust' Medium Hinged Bracelet

  • $295 - nordstrom.com

Jewelry Dream List: HOORSENBUHS

April 21, 2011

Ok- so i know I am always raving about Jewelry Must Haves-The Essentials and all, blah blah blah right!? but what about those Must Haves that aren't really a can have.... Im talking about this things I want.I need. I love... the things that shall remain on what i am calling my "Jewelry Dream List" until i can earn a paycheck substantial enough to make them a part of my life! If you look closely to the list above and the things its comprised of (for the sake of a picture) unlike my Jewelry Dream List my #1isnt opening my own cupcake shop... but looks a little more like the following little co$t worthy Goodie: As for the rest, my list is to be continued... 
1.) HOORSENBUHS - All things HOORSENBUHS that is, but most of all The Phantom Ring- this ring truly takes on a life of its on once it graces the finer... ooo-la-la & Just an FYI Snoop D o double G can also be seen wearing the HOORSENBUHS quad link ring which he actually rarely takes off! Can I please have one asap! 
 I am oh so swooning over the Dame Phantom Ring...  
Yellow Gold Double Band Ring Set w/ White Diamonds $5,000  

Here are a couple of shots of the Dame Phantom Ring and HOORSENBUHS in action- 
A girl can dream cant she? To Dreaming... 

OMG can HE please come with the ring?! 
shot for Hoorsen Buhs

Show Me Your Rings Wednesday! Bad Ass Edition

April 20, 2011

And yet again... another post that simply speaks for itself! hAppy Hump Day!!!

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