Back To Skool: 5 Pocket Book-Friendly Looks

August 31, 2011

If you’re anything like me you are probably totally dreading the clammy hand of Fall that is creeping upon us! While Back to School is a part of my life that has since passed, the end of Summer and the fact that I have to trade in the flip flops for something a little more conservative still brings about a sort of Back to School feel. So while I am always a bit reluctant to say goodbye to Summer I figured why not take this opportunity of the changing seasons to make light of the fact that with the new season comes new fashion trends! Lets take a look at what I m calling the Back to School Jewelry Line Up! The top 5 affordable accessories that will take you back to School this fall!
In the words of Billy Maddison:
 Back to school. Back to school, to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool. I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don't get in a fight. Oh! Back to school... back to school... back to school.

#1 The Brooch:
There are many perks about the brooch! One, being that this is the eternal accessory; brooches never really go out of style and two, it is the perfect addition to any outfit.  It has the ability to add that bit of extra style and sparkle a girl needs.

Monsoon Carved Flower Brooch $16

Monsoon Simple Pearl Brooch $15

#2 Lots of Bangels:
Bangles have taken us from season to season providing on-trend options for your day-to-day looks. Bright and colorful they are fun to wear so why not stack them on mix and max and take them Back to Skool!

Barges (set of 16) $18 -

Cara Accessories Mixed Media Bangles (Set of 18) Black And Hematite One Size $68

#3 Chunky Rings:

Chunky rings make for a fabulous addition to even the simplest of outfits spicing up the fun factor without changing your basic look. Bright colors with a vintag-y feel and a mix and match of gemstones is the way to go. A fierce chunky cocktail ring is great way to add a fancy accent to any back to school ensemble.
Holley's Chunky Pink Crystal & Ivory Pearl Cluster Ring$32 -

#4 Layered Necklaces:
Layered necklaces, both long and short or delicate and bulky are for sure a Back to School essential.The layered necklace look can be pulled of with mixed metals and a jumble of styles! They are great for putting in the collar of a crisp shirt or for giving a simple spagetti tank a new lease of life. Dramatic layeres of urban chains can beautifully accentuate any of your back to school getups. But dont fret, not look to spend the extra $$ on a readymade layered necklace, this look can be achieved by combining standalone pieces that you already own!

Tarnish Multi Layer Chain Necklace Burnished Gold/ Gold One Size $32 -

Orelia Disc Layered Necklace $37 -

#5 Simple Stud Earrings:
Among the simplest of accessories, these little gems come in such a variety of styles. Not only are they for the most past inexpensive, but Very easy to wear. Sure stud earrings don't typically rank high on the list of so called earring trends, but they are just too charming and easy to wear especially for your Back to School look!  
Rose Stud Set $2.80 forever 21

Stephan & Co. Stone Stud Earrings Red One Size $6 -
{greatest back to school song Ev-er}

Accessorize like the Biebs!

August 29, 2011

Never say never...
for an awards show, honoring a music video channel, which does just about everything but play music videos like is used to and for an awards show without a host, not to mention an awards show that i really didn’t even watch, there sure is a heck of a lot to talk about the morning after! but i think out of all the hoopla about the getups and get downs coming out of last nights VMA's the Biebs takes the cake on accessories... I will leave it up to your own judgment as to whether or not your digging his look, but before you do, let me draw you attention to some of the accessories "highlighting" Justin Bieber's outfit for the evening... 
{selena gomez, you’ve been lip-locked with that bieber kid now for like a month straight! listen i just want you to be careful, ok? and the only reason i’m telling her that is because she’s already swallowed 3 of his baby teeth!}
~ jason sudeikis, MTV movie awards
Sinister Skull Pendant Alexander McQueen- {Oh Biebs youre so bad ass!}
Oh no he didnt...
Oh YES he did... this is now NOT to bring a snake to the VMA's
{Peanuuuuuuuts! Get-cha peanut hey're}
this stunt went a little something like this: "I'm here with the one-and-only Justin Bieber," Gomez said when she introduced the singer with a smile. "Who are you wearing? Can you please talk about that?"
"I have my snake," Bieber said, displaying a live pet reptile in his hand. "I have red pants and cheetah shoes."
"What's your snake's name?" Gomez expertly followed up.
"My snake's name is Johnson," Bieber responded.

mmmm hmm! yup just as i suspected channeling Kanye West {circa VMA's 2010}

when i first heard about the Biebs "snake" stunt, I thought to myself "johnson" ?? seriously.....this is either poor advice from advisors or a joke gone horribly wrong... my after thoughts went right to another timeless MTV classic, take a guess... "huuh...huuh...yeah...yeah....Johnson..." any takers...?? give up... Ok- Bevis & Butthead! Duh! Nonetheless his "snake" accessory looked more like a handful of pathetic peanuts if you ask me! Lastly I i think this was Biebz' attempt to channel Kanye West {circa VMA's 2010} thoughts...?

Les Jeans de Chanel- Why Not!?

August 26, 2011

Ok- so with my infinite love for nail polish paired with my undying love for jewelry mixed with the fact the Chanel has decided to launch a line of nail polish inspired by none other that the classic blue jean I cant help myself but to be over-the-top excited, like the kid-on-Christmas eve kind of excited!  This trio will be available September 8th at all Chanel boutiques participating in FNO in addition to  Now this is a collection that I will be standing in line for and I think you should decide to join me. Lets take a look at some of the accessories that I think will pair perfectly with Les Jeans de Chanel polish!
{Since i like to pa-rr-ty with 2 R's why not a glass of the good stuff to celebrate Les Jeans}
Jean Schlumberger banana earrings
  •                                                 $11,500 -

Glam Rock 'So Be Mood' Bracelet Watch Blue One Size 
A set of Shiny Gold 'Neo Geometric' Textured Bangles (Set of 3) Shiny Gold One Size
                                                                $28 -

{A trusty crips white james perse T }
J brand jeans DARK INDIGO

(Anya Hindmarch Valorie glitter-finish leather clutch, a gurl can dream right...} 

Oh-So Oversized Studs

August 25, 2011

Let it be known that I love trend-watching almost as much as I adore celebrity-spotting.  So it is always a delight to see my favorite famous fashionistas sporting jewelry that’s considered to be on trend !Of course today’s post is inspired by my very own oversized stud earrings that I’m rockin on the office attire runway Ha! Initially when I think of the oversized stud earrings, I cant help but to think of the cast of Designing Women Cira 1993, but with a bit of effort and a bit of unique pairing, these oversized studs can bring the glam factor into most any occasion! Today, as you will see pictured below, this fashionista is sporting her very own vintage oversized studs! I have paired them with boldly bright red jeans, a silk sheer black top and my leopard ballet flats! Every girl rockin these glammed up oversized studs will interpret the look differently, but like I said with the right a unique pairing… you as well as everyone else will only fall in luv with this look! Try it out with some of my suggestions below!  

{currently wearing- oversized vintage studs = inspiration for this post} 
 my version of Dorothy Perkins  
{see below for the rest of outfit i paired these goldies with!}

  • Gold wire ball studs

J Brand Bright Red Mid Rise Skinny Jean from Revolve Clothing

{My Brandy Bow Flats a STEAL from none shhhhh! Payless and yes, yes I did with the Payless & I bet you wish you did too!} 

Chains Spikes & Rope Excite Me

August 24, 2011

na-na-na come on!!! Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones, but Chains Spikes & Rope Excite Me!

{my shero dont take no sh*t Yo!}

Ok so let me honest with you here, while perusing the web for my favorite oh-so-S&M looking jems, I coudnt help but letting my mind wander back to my shero, Lisbeth Salander! For those of you who don't know LB is the misunderstood yet wholeheartedly  intriguing heroine of Stieg Larsson's trilogy which begins with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and while the looks I have included below are a bit on the tamer side of the spike, chain and rope trend, this post couldnt go without giving my girl-crush Lisbeth Salander a nod of respect, talk about bad ass, this fuc*ing girl Rocks!!! 

Ninh Wysocan Spike Stud Earrings $225 -

Yves Saint Laurent Gold-plated stingray-effect chain bracelet $895 -

Asos Claw Spike Earrings $14 - 
Aurélie Bidermann Camden 18-karat gold-plated studded leather bracelet $740 -

Anton Heunis Multi Strand Necklace $568 -

Ileana Makri Triple Spike diamond and 18-karat rose gold ring $3,430

Kenneth Jay Lane Bone Necklace With Gold Tips $391 -
Sulis Bracelet $150 -

Lucy Hutchings Tribal Woven Necklace $213 -

Phillip Lim Leather wrap and rope necklace

Black Knot Rope Necklace $40 -

{oh and did i forget to mention she LB is an ab-so-freakin-loutely brilliant computer hacker}

Meet The Fall Color Line Up!

August 23, 2011

Twice a year, Pantone releases a fashion trend color forecast, in the Spring and in the Fall and these color trends then pave the way for many of the season’s best fashion and jewelry designs. This years Fall 2011 palette has recently been released and it includes such an array of swoon worthy tones that encompass a perfect blend of bright, bold colors and timeless neutrals. There is so much potential in every one of these beauties and I cant wait to start working with them, so far Emberglow is my fav, its actually very similar to the color top I am wearing today! Take a look below as I have included the stories behind this Falls 2011 color line up as well as the complementing Swarovski crystal colors! I am absolutely cra-cra about each and every one of this stunning colors!
  • Bamboo (Swarovski’s Sunflower): This warm, exotic hue is a bold yellow with green undertones that pairs dramatically with nearly any of the other top ten colors.
  • Emberglow (Swarovski’s Indian Red): This classic fall color emanates with warmth like a glowing fireplace and can be used in design for a classic or retro look.
  • Honeysuckle (Swarovski’s Padparadscha): This dynamic and playful color is Pantone’s color of the year, spanning both spring and fall in popularity.
  • Phlox (Swarovski’s Amethyst): A mysterious deep purple, this color is a standout statement color for fall. Pair it with neutrals to add a flair of drama.
  • Cedar (Swarovski’s Khaki): This cool green hue is a perfect versatile neutral color. Pair it with any of the other top ten colors for a timeless and sophisticated look.
  • Deep Teal (Swarovski’s Indicolite): This blue-green tone is deep and rich like the ocean or the evening sky and it adds rich luxury when paired with any of the other top ten colors.
  • Coffee Liqueur (Swarovski’s Smoked Topaz): This neutral brown is rich and decadent, and it can replace basic black as an elegant color choice for your designs.
  • Nougat (Swarovski’s Light Smoked Topaz): Another neutral, this color is a warm camel tan and pairs perfectly with Honeysuckle, Emberglow or Phlox.
  • Orchid Hush (Swarovski’s Crystal Satin): This is one of the more unique colors for fall, blending a pale gray with orchid purple undertones.
  • Quarry (Swarovski’s Indian Sapphire): This medium blue-gray tone is the perfect dependable staple for any design for fall.

Shake Shake Shake, Shake Your Jewelry!

August 22, 2011

DIY Jewelry Tumbler :
Ok so here I am again with a DIY I couldn’t swear by more! I must admit, I was a bit skeptical to begin with but after putting this method to the test, I couldn’t be happier! This past weekend I spent the later part of my Sunday finishing up a jewelry order which included about 10 bangles in total. I wasn’t too happy with the way they were turning out as far as their shine... After wire wrapping and hammering, my basic polishing cloth was doing nothing more than adding to my frustrations and I am always weary of using store bought polishing solutions. I decided to phone a friend... ok I decided to phone my mom after remembering her telling me about a jewelry making class she took where the instructor swore by her homemade jewelry tumbler!  
The hardest part of this DIY project was disposing of the mayo {insert icky face here! Blaugh!}Other than that it was easy peasy! Jewelry tumblers can be bought for upwards of $200, but with about 10-15 min of your time and the following items you can have your very own that works just as well for about $40 (depending on where you buy your tumbling shot)
Things you will need:
  • Clear Plastic Mayo Jar
  • Blue Dawn Dishwashing Soap
  • Stainless Steel Tumbling Shot
Pour tumbling shot into jar, add enough hot water so that it covers the shot with a bit of room and lastly add a cap full of dishwashing liquid in with shot and hot water. Drop your pieces of jewelry in the jar and Shake, shake, shake! Give it a good shake for a few minutes. Remove your pieces, rinse and voilà! Don't forget to dry your shot when you are done!


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