Gemstone Soaps

August 5, 2013

Soap doesn't get much better than this! Now you can bling out your sink with these gemstone-inspired glycerin soaps. A 2 oz PELLE soap stone is only about $8 and is available in Aquamarine (Fresh Mint), Onyx (Cinnamon w/ a Hint of Floral), and Crystal (Unscented) You can head on over to JnrlStr and check them out for yourself. JnrlStr is an epic little find... its just that (JnrlStr) is a general store for modern humans curating beautiful, useful and innovative products... these lovely handcrafted gem-soaps are just one fab find among what they have to offer. I'm thinking the Aquamarine needs to make its way into my life!  Below you can check out a few additional items from the JnrlStr accessory repertoire!
 Tiffany-setting diamond engagement ring: design classic, symbol of marital bliss, emblem of our status-obsessed culture. byAMT’s jewelry line puts a playful spin on this icon. The Tiffany ring’s silhouette & basic shape remains intact, but rendered in many different materials, colors, and widths
Born from the idea of reinventing the ball-joint, this gorgeous accessory is an awesome marriage of the classical and the technologically bad-ass. 
Laser cut acrylic diamonds are a girl's best friend...

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