May 26, 2010

I cant ever pass up the opportunity to plug a GREAT sale and because I feel like there is never such a thing as too many rings or too much jewelry in a girls jewel box for that matter, here is something I just couldn't go without posting!
A sleek cocktail ring with an oversize shape, this emerald-cut Swarovski crystal stunner is a sure way to make an entrance. Goldtone band with adjustable fit. Choose pink or aqua
by Kenneth Jay Lane
$100.00 now $30.00

Cabochons GALORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to say a new find that I absolutely cant wait to work with are these AMAZING vintage cabochons! I have yet to put them to work in any of the pieces I have made so far so for me they happened to be a "new find" even-though cabochons are among the oldest types of gemstones. In gem speak terms a cabochon is a stone that is cut to have a highly polished almost always rounded top with no faceting, with a flat but sometimes slightly domed base. 
You are most likely to find certain stones such as opal, turquoise, onyx, moonstone, and star sapphire almost always cut "en cabochon."

An absolute fav of mine, as well as one of the more popular shapes is the oval cut cabochons. Technically, cabochons are not really "cut" but they are actually shaped and then polished making it much simpler  to produce a cabochon than it is to cut a faceted gem with many faces. Faceting within itself is an art-form, but before the art of faceting was developed, most all gemstones were produced as cabochons.

 Im not so sure if Im mesmerized by how great they look together in this pic as much as I am excited to actually make something out of them... I will update shortly but I have also included some other fabulous finds among the cabochons family  ...


Purple Oval Cabochon Vintage Ring - Jannes Vintage Collection

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Ring 18k yellow gold ring with maltese cross on sides and set with a 26.7ct sleeping beauty turquoise cabochon- VALERIE FAIRCHILD 

Blu Bijoux Gold-plated rings with cabochon stones. 

Kenneth Jay Lane Turquoise Cabochon Cuff 

Jewelry Projects- Designs from the Gem Show

May 21, 2010

Since my gems show shopping spree i have been quite busy busy working on several different projects, but just to give a peek at a few which i have finished!

This is only a few of my recent designs which i had pics off hand so-  to be continued! 

Gems Gems & More Gems!!!!

May 17, 2010

This weekend was the much awaited GEM show in Santa Monica! I will let the above pics speak for themselves as I believe they do! I have so many projects in mind I dont know where to begin, but I need to start somewhere and as you can see I have MORE than enough of a selection... Now just looking for the right inspirations ! Wish me luck!!!!
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My Creative Space...

May 14, 2010

INVITATION ONLY - Right Place at the Right Time

May 13, 2010

A few weeks ago while dropping by one of the local boutiques which I am currently working with re consignment, I had the opportunity to meet with a wonderful woman whom heads up a product placement company right here in Hollywood. We got to talking, she loved what I had to offer and decided it was right up the alley of her "Eco Chic" client list. We exchanged info and decided to touch base in the upcoming weeks. Well, those weeks have flown by, we spoke briefly yesterday and last night I received the INVITE pictured to the left!

The email that accompanied this invitation read:
You are invited to Sponsor and Showcase your brand in Cannes at the Lunchtime Luxury Event FOR PRIVATE SALES at the Style Villa 2010 May 20th 2010 11.00am - 2.00 pm Following their Showcase at the Better World Awards, May 19th StyleshopUSA are featuring their Luxury Brand Fashion Designers in a PREVIEW LUNCHEON to VIP Guests from Monaco & CELEBRITY STYLISTS FOR RED CARPET INVITATION ONLYWe are talking again tonight, have a meeting planned for tomorrow and if all goes as planned, my jewelry will be on its way to Festival de Cannes!
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Today Im Loving...

May 12, 2010

This fabulous pic I took in Vegas about a year ago that never ceases to inspire me EVERY time I look at it! Need I say more... Today I loving this! 

Inspired By... On a mission to recreate!!!!

May 11, 2010

One of my favorite things about designing, creating and making jewelry are the endless possibilities to once again CREATE! In this case, I am "Inspired By" and honored with a recent sort of recession chic request... Who wants to pay full price for anything anyways, especially when I am confident I bring to life another level of this piece by adding the extra attention, love and care of a handmade recreation! I am excited to start the process and will update you through the process! 
This is also very timely as I continue to see this trend become increasingly popular entering the spring and summer months... Fashion Designers are using them. Celebrities are wearing them. Stores are carrying them. And I am creating ONE!
The Trend: Statement Jewelry! In this case a Statement NECKLACE! 

Welcome to My Blog!

May 6, 2010

Hey everyone! Welcome to my jewelry blog! My name is Jessica-Lynn and I am an LA based self taught jewelry designer who is on a journey to CREATE! That’s why I have decided to create and publish my blog. Here I will finally get the chance to catalog and share my diary of events which I like to call my Jewelry Journey! I welcome all of you to join me in reading my upcoming post where I plan to tell all about my most recent creations, what inspires me, shopping for visions ect...! So much has happened thus far in my journey and I know it is unrealistic to start from the beginning so from this post forward I plan to deliver my world from the CREATE.SHARE.WEAR. perspective! I hope you enjoy!!!!! And again welcome!

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