October 31, 2019

I have received some questions recently on wear and care of jewelry so I wanted to round up all the need to know info in one place. As with all jewelry, please wear your Perrin and Stone treasures with care. The materials we use are based around utilizing gold filled and sterling silver which are tarnish resistant and meant to last, but only with a little extra love and care. All jewelry wears different for each person, so it's not a one size fits all approach. Below I have outlined some advice for wear and care of your pieces in scenarios where you may question "should I take this off..." 

And while in general it's best NOT to wear it while sleeping, swimming, bathing, washing dishes or other rough work with your hands, these activities are just a part of life so I have outlined some advice for when you decide to power through with a bit of bling. 

Each piece comes to you with a polishing cloth and use of that cloth is helpful at the very least once a month. To do this, remove your jewelry and rinse under warm water and if available a tiny bit of dawn soap. Once your pieces are dry you can polish with the cloth provided and this will restore most sterling silver and gold filled. If you don't have access to the original cloth something  non-abrasive like a bluesunshine cloth can be used and found at most CVS/Rite Aid stores or Amazon. 

To best preserve you jewelry it is best to always remove it before showering and swimming in both the pool or the ocean. However it can be done but proceed with caution and at the risk of unnecessary wear. In the shower, refrain from using harsh ingredients and highly fragrant products which can affect the wear of your pieces. When it comes to swimming both the salt water and chlorine are not the best for your jewelry so be sure to give them a good rinse and polish if you happen to wear during any of these activities.   

Sleep in your jewelry at your own risk. You know what kind of sleeper you are and proper consideration (especially with longer necklaces) prior to headed to bed in your jewels is a good idea.  

Sweat in general is very acidic and can harm your pieces. In order to make them last as long as possible it is best to take them off before doing any physical activity. 

Your Perrin and Stone jewelry pouch provided with each purchase is a perfect place to store your items when they are not being worn. Keeping them out of the sun and aways from any moist environments - exposure to moisture and dirt in the air generally can make your jewelry dull over time, so just be sure however you store you give a regular polish from time to time. 

Hopefully this was helpful and informative, but if there are any questions you ever have you can always email us! All in all jewelry wear will vary from person to person and while our jewelry is all nickel free, sometimes in the manufacturing of the raw materials there could be some cross contamination present. If you have a severe allergy to nickel or anything other than copper, zinc, silver and gold please keep in mind that the gold filled and sterling silver might have trace amounts which could cause a reaction. Again this is just a guide but, always wear your jewelry with care. 

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