Shop the Cover: Taylor Swift and Delfina Delettrez

March 12, 2013

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Going behind the cover is often overlooked especially when it comes to the accessories styled for cover girls. April's issue of Vanity Fair features Taylor Swift and its no surprise to see Swift adorning the gems of Fendi family's fourth generation, Delfina Delettrez... Just as Swifts music in many ways mirrors her real life experiences, Delfina's designs reflect her strong and determined personality, passions of childhood and her current life maturity. Delettrez's collections continue to become more refined season after season and truly represent all that hides behind a look that is Gothic, romantic, playful and rock star worthy all wrapped into something subtly shiny! Borrowing concepts from the drawing of Leonardo de Vinici and fashion precious metals from the like of flowers, skulls, poisons insects, mini sculptures and the human body Delfina's  designs are more than innovative... check them out for yourself below!  
Delfina Delettrez Pearl and gold-plated enamel ring
Delfina Delettrez Pearl and gold-plated enamel ring
DELFINA DELETTREZ Gold Triple Pearl Two-Finger Ring
DELFINA DELETTREZ Gold Triple Pearl Two-Finger Ring
$2,050 -
$590 -
$3,421 -
$558 -


Trend Report: Nail Armor

March 5, 2013

Its no secret that history repeats itself, however it is often times difficult to comprehend the rich history behind particular modern day jewelry trends. Most modern day trends in general can be traced back to ancient roots… take the nail ring for one. From Nicole Richie, to Lady Gaga and Beyonce, history is repeating itself as this trend continues to make a come back!
While the modern day version of the nail ring is merely a fashion statement, historically, amidst Chinese autocracy, long nails were an indication that you did very little manual labor and represented a noble ranking. Only trouble was that when your fingernails get that long they tend to break easily therefore the Chinese nobility adorned finger/nail guards to protect their long honorable well-kept hands. The nail ring (Nail Guard) was item of ornamental dress and historically considered the exclusive jewelry for the noble ladies… Dating back to the 19th Century this trend is undoubtedly deeply rooted and rather extreme if you ask me. And while my attempt at this look would be associated with anything but the Manchurian high culture of the Qing Dynasty I still might try the nail ring out for size… Should you by chance be feeling edgy as well check out some of the options to create this look below!

Bijules Original Snake Nail Ring $305 -

TOPSHOP Cross Nail Ring $15 -


Accessory Challenge: Jewelry and the One Shoulder Dress

March 1, 2013

Just the other day a dear friend of mine turned to me regarding an accessory challenge she was facing... After some thought, correspondence and advice I was feeling a little inspired by her jewelry choice questions and this blog post was born! Accessorizing the One Shoulder Dress... We all know choosing the right accessories can be challenging on a daily basis, but even more difficult when it comes to certain looks, the one shoulder dress ranking high on that list! Why is this dress so hard to accessorize you may ask? Well for one, unlike most cocktail or evening dresses the neckline on this particular look most always rises higher on the sleeve side of the dress; this makes it difficult to select a necklace that lays properly without fretting about it getting lost in the dress fabric.
A few things to consider when looking for jewelry to complete your look: how thick is the one strap of the dress? Is it sleeveless, short sleeve or long sleeve? And what is the overall look you are attempting to achieve? Keep these questions in mind as well as my following recommendations and I am sure you will find the perfect bling to bring out the beauty and sophistication of the one shoulder dress style.

Necklace and the One Shoulder Dress:
First of all, I would suggest skipping the necklace unless you have the appropriate time to spend searching for one that is just right. And if you do... may I recommend the following:
Choker: Keeping in mind A choker lays close to the neck without interfering with a slanting neckline. A choker works well with a slender neck and brings attention to the face.
Heather Hawkins Y Necklace with Black Horn

Heather Hawkins Y Necklace with Black Horn$172 -

Y necklace: The structure of the Y necklace with a dangling middle allows you to wear a delicate necklace style without losing it in the dress material.

BLANCA MONROS GOMEZ Diamond Seed Lariat Necklace
Lariat: A lariat’s long length allows you to loop it over several times and knot it to the desired effect. Generally a long necklace, a Lariat can work well with a one shoulder dress creating a dramatic effect with versatility playing on the low back portion of the dress allowing part of the necklace to lay on the bare back.

My best accessory suggestion that wont take away from the gorgeous asymmetrical neck line and bare shoulder would be to pair this dress with a low swept back hair style, boldly colored posts and a sister cuff on the bare arm. You could also go for minimalist gold hoops and again on the bare arm, delicately stacked bangles. But, depending on the look your going for and the particulars of the one shoulder you are working with your options may vary... I hope my suggestions will help guide you in selecting the best accessories for your look! For more One Shoulder Dress Accessorizing inspo check out the ladies below which I think got the look right!


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