Pick of The Week: ICE Skating Bling

November 24, 2010

This weeks holiday shopping pick comes right from none other than trusty Etsy! It is so hard to narrow down my favorites when it comes to shopping and browsing on this site... It is seriously nearly impossible between the 100's of thousands of creative designers to the even more extensive lineup of supply distributers!
Todays designs comes to us from Charleston SC's shopshrew! These unique sterling silver and gemstone jewelry designs are simply breathtaking and seem to have a staunch devotion to the feel of real winter! This one is my winner of the week and I should only dream about spoiling myself with this designer fav. As I mentioned before this little beauty candidly bestows a sense of Winter so where better to wear my shopshrew fave than to ICE a little corner off Arizona and Santa Monica that year after year is  marvelously transformed into a bona fide Winter Wonderland! This years festive "Ice at Santa Monica" has been splashed with a bit of trippy 60's hippy groove thanks to Herbal Essences and public art meister Ed Massey’s Portraits of Hope! Check it out its simply fabulous!

Pop Rock the Ring! Tis the Season!!!!!!

November 18, 2010

With Thanksgiving approaching and Holiday shopping gearing into full swing, I have been surfing the web for those $$$ worthy $$$ find$ of the season. This morning while making yet another gift guide via mental list I came across piece of jewelry which quickly sparked childhood memories of an all time favorite candy of mine!!! What reminded me... none other than Kate Spade and her fabulously designed and equally cleverly named Pop Rocks Ring!

This 80's age old candy always finds a way to my heart, from the traditionally flavored strawberry and cherry to the seasonally spiced pumpkin (pictured up top- which i have yet to try).
With more recent additions such as the pop rocks dips and pop rocks the topping! There is even an Urban Legend to go along with this wicked little candy- one I am fearless of!!!! Death by Pop Rocks as it was recently debunked by Discovery's Myth Busters! Lethal combo... Ha! The only thing lethal about it is how fabulous Kate Spades Pop Rocks Ring is!!! Happy Holiday Shopping!!!!!!

Xx Peace and Love J-Lynn

And It Was A Success! Jessica-Lynn Jewelry Trunk Show!

November 12, 2010

Last night was such a lovely night! Thank you so much to everyone who made it out to enjoy some wine and jewels! I appreciate all the support and love, the night was nothing short of fabulous! Thank you to Inez for being such an amazing host and thank you to Kathy for helping me make all of this possible! It was for sure a night to remember and again thank you everyone! I was lucky enough to have Donny take some good photos of the Paaartayyy! Ha! Here they are to share and more to come! Xx J

Sneak Peak!!!!! Thursday's my Jewelry Trunk Show

November 9, 2010

It has been a long time coming and it is almost here!!!! Seems like forever since I have added any new pics of my jewerly and I thought it would be nice to give you a teeny tiny sneak peak into a few of the things I have been working on for this upcoming Thursday! Please bear with me and my self-shot pics (nothing can compare to the fabulous photos I had take a while back by a good friend of mine!)http://megansmall.com/ But nonetheless I managed to take a few decent ones of some designs in store and wanted to share them!!!! Enjoy & I will see you there!!!! Xx J

Ode to Swoon-Worthy Jemms de J. Crew

November 5, 2010

While recently making a stop to visit the online addition of J. Crew I came across some rather swoon-worthy accessories throughout their Fall Jewelry collection. I have put together a mini 1 sheet with some of the particular noteworthy items that I felt necessary to share with you! If I could incorporate 1 piece of the classic j crew collections to adorn all of my outfits for the remainder of this fall and winter I would be a happy gal! You truly cant go wrong with these!!!!!!  
Xo J-Lynn

Jewelry Displayed a RP like a RT from "Cupackes and Cashmere"

November 3, 2010

(Picture taken by Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere)

I feel like recently I have been a bit hard pressed for jewelry topics to blog about...  But, today while reading one of my all time favorite and ever so inspiring blogs Cupcakes and Cashmere I was reminded of a past post of mine Thinking Outside The Box all about jewelry being displayed! I totally agree with Cupcakes and Cashmere blogger Emily about her following statement... With jewelry though, it begs to be displayed, whether it’s pouring out of an antique box, hung as wall art (you can see how I used to organize my necklaces here) or kept in pretty little bowls.
I think that Emily really tuned into the idea of thinking outside the box with her recent post and couldn’t be more right on about the fact that jewelry begs to be displayed! Below I have included some additional pictures that Emily shared with us via her blog as well as what I like to call a RP, a RePost which is similar to the RT, a ReTweet from Twitter.  Enjoy!!!!!! Peace & Love - J Lynn
                                                                    (Picture taken by Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere)
(Picture taken by Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere)
(Picture taken by Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere)

Lets also take a quick look back at some pics from my past post!

(Picture thanks to Ingrid of  http://beingingrid.blogspot.com/)

You Are Invited to a Jessica-Lynn Jewelry Trunk Show!

November 2, 2010

There are less than 10 days until my next trunk show!!!!!! It is next Thursday, November 11th from 6:30-8:30/9:00ish! There will lots of wine and lots of jewels but of course! I hope all of you will be able to make it! I am so excited and have put together some new designs I think that everyone will love! From delicate sterling silver chain bracelets adorned with a simple dangling Swarovski Charm, to some elegant German Crystal and even Coral statement necklaces! Whether you are planing on getting in some shopping for the holidays or just picking out a piece to spoil yourself, throughout my collection there will be something for everyone! Again hope to see all of you there!!!! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me Jesburgs@aol.com or just give me a call !!!!
 Peace and Love Xx j 

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