SECURITY!!!!!! Loss Pervention Tag in Gold- Also Find it Encrusted w/ DIAMONDS!!!!!

December 1, 2010

I can never say it enough... I am 100% a FAN of The Arts! A recent COOL HUNTING find brought to my attention by a friend of mine (Thnak you MD) has to be the one of the greatest uses for overlook and under appreciated products brought to us throughtout every day life! Who Knew...
 "Just released by art director Justin Gignac, Security!™ is an 18k-gold-plated sterling silver version of plastic security tags stores put on clothes to prevent theft. The piece, meant to be worn as a pin, stems from the NYC-based artist's idea (he's also behind the popular campaign Needs for Sale) of elevating mundane and overlooked items in our everyday lives."
 Taking this in a different direction still surrounding The Arts... You have GOT to check out this site Wants for Sale! The concept behind this art has a true flair of creativity combined with jest! I absolutely luv it! Each painting is of a WANT  the artists have and then that exact piece turns around and is sold for the cost of the item in which the painting features! So for example a painting of a slice of pizza is only $3 while a Nintendo Wii goes for $270.92, when the painting sells the $$ made is used to buy that exact product! L U V!!!! Check it out! Below are some of their GENIUS works of Art that not only ring true to me, but just so happen to be FAVs of mine yay !

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