Seeing Stars: Twinkle Worthy Gems

January 31, 2011

With the Winter Solstice already a few months behind us now, every day from here until June will grow just a tad bit longer as we head into the warmer months and the Summer Solstice. I have always been so mystified by the sun, moon, stars and the sky up above and this weekend I had the chance to take an early evening trip up to the fabulous bronze domes of one of the Hollywood Hills famous landmarks, the Griffith Observatory. Perched on the side of Mt. Hollywood, this monument of public astronomy typically offers some of the most mind-blowing views down into the Los Angeles basin, unfortunately Saturday evening the skies around LA started to accumulate a pretty decent cloud cover which only allowed for the brightest of stars to shine through the haze. So today, in light of this weekend’s trip, I am giving the stars a second chance to shine!

Can you think of anything you can’t wear stars with… Because I can’t! Stars offer such a simple yet elegant design which can truly go with anything, from a casual outfit to even a dressier evening get up! As if they are not mystifying enough, the asymmetrical makeup of these twinkling figures make them just that much more appealing! While there is noting more beautiful than a star studded sky lets get ready and sparkle with some star-inspired jewelry!

Forever A Fan: XXI Accesories

January 27, 2011

I’m pretty sure that most of you out there are a little embarrassed by the fact that you still shop at Forever 21… right ?? I too, was once ashamed to walk around the mall with that plastic screaming yellow bag in tow… but with my ever-increasing love and appreciation for accessories I will openly admit that I now frequent the store with pride.
It truly takes a certain kind of person, to take on XXI as it really is an acquired skill to be able to sort through racks upon racks of lace, mesh and sequins to discover the true gems that exist. In lieu of yesterdays post, Champagne Taste Jewelry On a Budget I would like to feature just a few my 21 faves! With a line of accessories which is beyond extensive, ranging from glitzy starlet rings to an elaborate collection of regal chain necklaces, I again will admit… I am Forever a Fan!

Teardrop Stone Necklace

Kaleidoscope Disc Earrings

Stone Ring w/ Stretchy Band

Sherbet Feather Earrings

Vintage Style Filigree Ring

Turquoise Beaded Necklace

Champagne Taste: Jewelry On a Budget!

January 26, 2011

With today’s “economy woes”, saving money should be on the top of everyone’s minds. Unfortunately, shopping to accessorize is something that I simply cannot ignore and while I find I’m often drawn to some of the priciest statement jewelry to add to my collection, I am just as quickly reminded that accessorizing with a champagne taste on beer budget can really put a little cramp in my style!
I find myself aspiring to hit up places such as Rodeo Drive for some uber expensive designer goods, but the $$$ continually burning a hole in my pocket has me headed down a one way street to places like Venice Beach and the Melrose Trading Post. And while I’m not complaining about an occasional fabulous flea market find to complement just about any outfit, time doesnt always permits that weekend trip.
I am a true believer that accessorizing with jewelry should be and really IS within the reach of everybody, not just the Rich & Famous. You can find me most often times rockin' a humble t-shirt and jeans, without hesitation, but I’m all about giving my go to outfit an instant make-over by adding some well chosen jewelry items that wont break the bank. Lets take a look at some of most trusted online haunts where you can accessorize effectively as a fashionista on a budget…

1.) Charm and Chain
2.) Max and Chloe
3.) Fantasy Jewelry Box
4.) Jewel Mint
5.) Bauble Bar

My Funny Valentine: Jewelry Motifs

January 25, 2011

And here we are already, in the last week of the 1st month of the New Year  (can you follow…) with just a few weeks to go before Valentines Day…  I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day, but not for all the sentimental sappy “romance” of it, but more so because I truly enjoy the process of doing little things for other people, even if it’s as simple as making a pretty sparkly card, writing a sweet little note or in my case this year, honing in on the handmade jewelry aspect of it. Valentines Day offers me the opportunity to explore the idea of  Jewelry Motifs! While motifs can be found throughout a wide variety of  jewelry lines , they also resonate in architecture, art, music and fashion.  But MY most sought after items this upcoming "holiday" are going to embrace a little heartfelt Jewelry Motif  I would like to call…
My Funny Valentine! Adding this motif to your jewelry collection or even just to your jewelry radar this coming month can spruce up an everyday look and overall just create a bit of a fabulousity for you to bask in… Even if Valentine’s Day is technically a tried and true "Hallmark Holiday", how can anyone be against the celebration of love? 

Open Heart Bracelet

Kathy G's Office Xmas to XO's Valentine Tree

Papyrus Always Has a Fab Card 

18k White Gold Multi Color Gemstone Heart Ring 

Kris Nations Gold Heart Cluster Earrings

  Kris Nations Hello Gold Hoops with Hearts Earrings

Heart charm, Yellow Gold LV

Ettika Triple Stack Multi Color Satin Cord Bracelet

Jana's Ruby Red Crystal Heart Stud Earrings

Rocks and Minerals and Druzy's... Oh My!

January 19, 2011

Rough stones, geodes, fossils, gemstones, boulders, crystals, agate… this list goes on! While the jewelry classics simply never die I am taking to the idea that with a new year should come some new jewelry… something fashion-forward… So why not get inspired on your next jewelry shopping endeavor and go for something a little off the radar? I am talking about a Druzy! These unique and seemingly star dust encrusted gemstones provide more than just their amazing aesthetic appeal! Here is just a little bitty about these beauties and the benefits the wearer may possess from the power of their Druzy gemstone:

Druzy occurs as thousands of tiny shimmering crystal points blanket the surface of a gemstone. This appearance of star dust creates a magical stunning effect. The Druzy is often referred to as the Flame Aura. It attracts and enhances the attributes of the gemstone that is its host or that it is paired with. A Druzy may be fashioned out almost any and all gemstones-  
  • Amplifies the intensity of the stones it inhabits
  • Supplies strength and energy
  • Encourages clarity of mind
  • In meditation it stimulates the movement of the Kundalini to the crown chakra
  • Druzy is used for balancing all chakras
And with that said, with a new year should come some new jewelry; something fashion-forward… So why not get inspired and get a Druzy! Namaste

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