Holiday Sparkle

December 2, 2011

Its that time of year again where we are overloaded with the opportunities to adorn ourselves with some amazing Holiday Sparkle! Im thinking that bold necklaces will be my go to this holiday season. Here are some not-so-little lovelies which have caught my eye lately! 

Following Faraway Stars Elva Fields
Madame Mathilde Clear Belvedere Necklace
Kenneth Jay Lane 3 Rows Pearl Necklace


His & Her Birthstones

November 16, 2011

{rose gold set w/ black and white diamonds}
Its without a doubt that I adore a big statement piece, but sometimes all it takes is the barest wisp of gold and thread to set my heart aflutter. This his & hers birthstone ring is a perfect little delicate piece of jewelry just perfect for marking such special occasions. But it can be anything really, like the birthstones of your best friends, maybe you parents or children. The small subtle stones make this ring pretty versatile thus wearable with any outfit. If you’re anything like me, its tough for me to take off my sentimental jewelry and with this tiny delight you need not worry!

Avenger-esque Accessory Alliance

October 19, 2011

Ok so last week I watched the trailer for The Avengers and while I was never a regular Marvel comic book fanatic, I am however a True sucker for a handsome superhero! I definitely saw Thor in 3D- luv and will be catching The Avengers once they are in theaters May 2012. But let me get to the root of this post which just so happens to be superhero-villan-esque inspired the jewelry of nOir!  The first super hero story appeared in ACTION COMICS introducing SUPERMAN followed by  other soon-to-be icons, including BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, GREEN LANTERN, THE FLASH and many others. Similar to Noir Jewelry's collection inspired by Disney's Fantasia, this jewelry company has once again, brilliantly partnered with DC Comics on a new line inspired by some of the most famed comic book heroes and villains. Their pieces include an array of instantly recognizable symbols from the likes of Supergirl, Catwoman , Bat Man, Bat Girl and Wonder Woman. Below are some of the pieces from their collaboration, but check out the entire line plus other fabulous goodies at!

{This little trailer got me excited Yeeeeeeeee!}

Boom, badoom, boom, Yeah That's That Super Bass!

October 18, 2011

Somebody please tell him who the eff I is.... Sophia Grace Brownlee... Duh!

I’m sure you have all seen and the squeee-worthy eight-year-old Sophia Grace Brownlee’s bona fide viral video covering Super Bass! This not only eared her and cuzo sidekick, 5-year-old Rosie Grace an appearance on the Ellen show, but also a chance to meet Ms. Nicki Minaj as well as freaking shopping spree!!!! Can you say Jelly!? Cause I am! If don’t know about this little lyrical genius… well you should know, that’s all there is to it! So a few weeks back I blogged about a bit on chicken-wing-bling which just so happened to be Minaj’s choice of red carpet “jewels” for the VMA’s- So you can image how excited I was to see the worlds littlest NM’s fans rocking the same line while they hit up a local Toys R Us for their shopping spree! Check out the vid below… This is simply fabulous! PS I have deff found my Halloween Costume, thank you Sophia Grace Brownlee!!!!!!  
The Giant Onch Pretzel is being made available for a limited time!!! $299.00

Obvi NM is rocking it!!!!!
Onch Movement, comes The Rainbow Swirl Cone. $99.00
Yess...Really... $99.00
Check em out Yo!
Priceless!!!!! These girls are amazing!

The Appeal of Teal

October 11, 2011

I am so stoked to this statement-making jewel tone remain in the mix this year. TEAL! Coming in a range of lush tones from peacock blue to deeper aquamarine-like shades,  this pretty blue-green color not only possesses an autumnal elegance, but it also the perfect ease me into fall color! Teal demands attention with its intense and moody qualities. Wear it alone of pair it with others like Saffron which will add a toasty brown tone to the look or maybe Grey for an appealing night look and Violet creating an amplified color combo. However you decide to add TEAL to you accessory line up, just know this color is THE… well maybe just MY go to standout color for Fall! Below are my accessible suggestions for all of you!
Haskell Bracelet, Teal Snake Print Bangle $30 -
Alexis Bittar 'Sepia Dust' Pyramid Post Earrings (Nordstrom Exclusive) Dark Teal One Size
$165 -

Stella Mini Aluminum Watch - Teal $115 -

Teal plastic oval ring $10

Pairing Teal & Saffron
Kate Spade New York Teal Drop Leverback Earrings $58 -

                                   Graham Leather Studded Wrap Bracelet $49.00
Pair Teal with... Violet

Pair Teal with... Grey

We’re All Brace-Faced Now!

October 10, 2011

At first I was apprehensive to embrace this trend… I struggled through braces, having them for the last years I spent in high school and even in my senior portraits, which at the time seemed like such a big deal! So as you can imagine, when I first saw these straight-teeth stretchies i wasn’t too hip to the idea. The designers, 2 sisters, Jennifer & Lisa Salzer 1 orthodontist 1 innovative fashionista have combined the stretchy power chains typically wound around the brackets of braces with individual metal brackets and colored little bands to make various funky color combinations with pops of neon. Braced-lets are what they are and they have been said to be stepping into the spotlight as the "new" silly bandz. BRACEDLETS are crafted entirely out of brand new, authentic orthodontic materials. These stretchy power chains come in a rage on bright and colorful mixes and are accented with metal brackets & contrasting elastic rubber bands. You can collect them, trade them or share them, but either way, BRACE YOURSELF! Ha! I’m not so hip to the neon colors, but I definitely stopped by Fred Segal this past week and picked myself up a few of braced-lets in some of the more subtle colors. In my opinion they fit right into my arm party!

Way to turn something typically torturous materials into something fun!

 Lulu Frost designer Lisa Salzer, her orthodontist sister, Jennifer Salxer  

Exquisite Indian: Abhaas October Obsession!

October 5, 2011

This mornings Max and Chloe’s new arrival email featured the Abhaas Jewelry Collection. And although these accessories aren’t really reminiscent of Fall, the Abhaas collection is undoubtedly my October Obsession! Diamonds, Rubies and Sapphires are a long shot when it comes to my “budget” on accessories, but my love for this type of glitz is undying… and like I always say, a girl can dream right.  Abhaas’ gleaming gems deliver an unexpectedly edgy look to already posh pieces. This exquisite Indian Jewelry has the ability to make a bold statement without being ostentatious so if you are down for the splurge, dive in!  

Abhaas Pink Spring Bloom Bracelet

Twinkle Twinkle Shop-A-Matic

October 4, 2011

Ok- so I seriously need to take a shopping hiatus, just until I have a little more breathing room… But honestly, how the heck am I supposed to do this with things like New York Mags Shop-A-Matic widget. I mean seriously, talk about mission impossible! This little genius slaps streamlined window shopping right on your freaking computer desktop! How ah-mazing is that?!  The NY Mag Shop-A-Matic Widget can be embedded on any of the  following platforms:  iGoogle, OS X Dashboard, Websites and Google Desktop. It is basically a RSS feed  {Really Simple Syndication} and is used to syndicate and distribute content- freaking shopping content! Simply choose your platform, embed the widget and bada-bing Shop-A-Matic Yo! Which brings me to the why behind this post… Why, you might ask… well its because new TODAY featured on shop-a-matic was a segment titled Twinkle, Twinkle which compiled 140 pieces of jewelry available at your command for a bit of virtual window shopping! Not only is this centralized accessory shopping from all over the web but can also further customize your view by filtering jewelry type as well as price and even view in the form of a slide show! I have Shop-a-Matic to thank for my sad budget I will remain on for the remainder of October… Shop-a-Way! Ha! Check out my choice pieces!

Tassel Clamp by Topshop $30

Large DT Pyramid Back Stud by Wendy Nichol $160

Fauve Degradee Earrings by Tom Binns $210

Modern Armour Cuff Bracelet by ASOS $25

Oval Claw Stud Earrings by Topshop $28

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