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July 28, 2010

J-Lynn: Conscious Couture: Jewelry with Sustainable Style

July 26, 2010

Conscious Couture: Jewelry with Sustainable Style

Going Green! Green is a trend on the rise without question. Living green and socially responsible has made for an increasing society of eco savvy consumers. I have even recently become familiar with phrases such as green is the new black, but living Green isn't a lifestyle that all us can just innately follow. I feel strongly about this movement, but have only taken the first few steps to truly understand and appreciate the beauty behind recycling! As a jewelry designer I have found that it is important to not only create a product that a girl can wear and feel fabulous in but one that she can embrace because there is a value behind the gems shes rockin' and its what I like to call: Eco Chic! 
Lately I have been on a mini mission to figure out what it means to ME to live green... I  stumbled across an amazing website:
 This site is great and is a awesome consumer guide to living green and becoming an overall eco-fashionista!

Jewelry Party Success

July 9, 2010

A Jewelry Trunk Show aka a Home Jewelry Party is one of the most profitable ways for a designer to sell his/her art! I can truly attest to this is as I recently was fortunate enough to have the support from some very supportive ladies in my life! (Kathy in particular!) Wine and Jewels is what we called it!  And it was a success! I want to thank all of you who came out and supported, ladies and gentlemen! Guys... well Ben and Sam thanks guys for all being loyal supporters!

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