Bad Kitty... I Mean Blogger! DIY {with a little help from your cat}

June 23, 2011

Ok so i know this is no way to make my "comeback" after over a little over 2 weeks of blogging absence, but I just had HAD had to chare this! I mean Wow! Not the first time I have come accross this link, but after making it to BOTH of my Oh-so-fav "news" sites: The Frisky and now on Jezebel i just couldnt help myself Yo! Hows about this for a $130 hair ball bling! Yummmmmm!

Artist Flora Davis seeks to transform "simple, plain components into beautiful objects." As such, the necklace above made out of fur her cat had shed, certainly fits the bill.
The product's Etsy description is as follows:This unique necklace is for individuals drawn to the quirky.
It is a conversation piece- {if I must say so myself}The hair was collected during grooming sessions from my indoor, purebred Ragamuffin cat. His hair is very soft; almost rabbit like when touched. It took many grooming sessions to collect the hair, then more time to felt it into solid round balls.
The fancy-looking cat modeling the necklace below is the actual animal the fur is said to have came from. Admit it, your cat is feeling so jealous right now. Feeling crafty? Maybe it's time to make one for yourself. Alternately, this would make a great gift for your ex who's allergic.

Big Bling Big Rings

June 1, 2011

Big Bling = Big Rings ! A collection of some inspirational pieces... 
cause its the 1st of the month! 

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