A Gold Standard Continued: Color

February 28, 2011

Gold jewelry actually comes in a variety of colors and theses different colors are achieved by mixing other alloys and metals with gold. Gold can be as little as 41.7% pure and still be legally marked and sold as gold in America, thus Karats in gold still apply as the colors change. Some of the beautiful gold colors you will find are white gold, rose gold, blue and green gold, but only yellow gold is true to the natural pure state of gold. 18k and 14k white gold have 75% and 58.2% gold respectively, and its color is white because it’s plated with rhodium. When the copper alloy is added, rose gold jewelry is achieved with a beautiful dusky pink tone while green gold alloys are made by leaving out the copper alloys and just using a mixture of gold and silver. Green gold actually appears as a greenish yellow rather than green really. Below is a mini chart of the most common additives which are used to accomplish colored gold:

Yellow gold     Silver and copper
White gold      Nickel, zinc, copper, tin and manganese
Pink gold        Mostly copper with some silver
Green gold     Mostly silver or cadmium
Blue gold       Iron
Gray gold      Iron

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  • Rose Gold Heart Ring, Jordan Askill

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On.Jess’s.Shelf: Weekend DIY Jewelry-Scape

February 25, 2011

I vividly remember getting one of my first jewelry boxes as a little girl. Although it wasn’t lined with red velvet fabric, or wasn’t adorned with the classic ballerina who danced en pointe when you wound the back and opened the box, it did serve the purpose! And while gone are the days when I stored all my keep sake gems together in 1 localized fancy box, my collection of jewelry along with my love of it has undeniably expanded. So after letting an inexcusable amount of time pass since I have done any reorganizing in my closet, I have decided that I am going to spend the first part of my Saturday morning doing just that. I plan to tackle one shelf in particular to begin with and that shelf just happens to house most of my jewelry. I have said before and will say it again, jewelry begs to be displayed! Whether its hung on a wall or a pretty little knob in place of some art or be it pouring from a beautiful box or tray jewelry should be displayed front and center for the world to see, it’s a colorful accessory that can look so chic in your home!

A recent purchase of mine, a gorgeous white lucite tray, has prompted me to untangle the ungodly large knot of chains currently hiding in my bathroom drawer and to find a home for all my loose rings and bracelets.
The fact is, if I don't have the jewelry readily accessible or on display, I just do not remember to wear it. Wish me luck!

Ashley-Spiration: Full House kinda Growed Up

February 24, 2011

Is it fair to say that when you think of Ashley Olsen the first things that come to mind are Full House, oversized sunglasses, an excessively large purse she could probably fit inside and a massive venti coffee... Well these are just a few of the things that I find Ashley to be iconic for, but I am currently swooning over how fashionably elusive this twenty-something year old gal can be! Marie Claire recently ran an editorial about Ashley coining her: The Coolest Girl in the World. Although a lot of us remember her from her early years as a child of fame collectively staring with identical twin sister  Mary Kate in the late 80's television sitcom Full House, Ashley's fame never left the map and continues on through her countless tabloid appearances! From her early years as Michelle, I must say Ms.Olsen's Full House kinda growed up look she bears today is totally swoon-worthy! Heres a little Ashley-Spiration! 

A Gold Standard: Karat Color & Technique

February 23, 2011

The story of gold is as rich and complex as the metal itself… Wars have been fought for it, love has been declared with it and I make jewelry from it! While the history behind it, in my eyes is far more complex than I wish to get into throughout this post, I am going to attempt to break it down in some of the most basic terms. There are so many different words associated with gold from color to texture to the number of karats etcetera, but what does all of this really mean??  Today gold’s contribution to society can be found within the Gold Standard and the fact that it is used to set the world’s currency system, but let me keep it somewhat basic before I loose myself here! I want to talk about the following 3 Gold Standards:  Karat, Color and Technique and in this I will explore the following in a 3 post series over the next week:  

Karat- What exactly is a karat really…
Color- The difference between yellow, white, and that elegant soft shade of rose gold…
Technique-  What is gold plated versus gold filled, gold vermeil and solid gold…

The purity of gold is measured in karats, that is, karats describe the exact proportion of pure gold to other metal alloys it may be mixed with. Different alloys are used in jewelry for superior strength, sturdiness and to add a range of color. 24 karat is purest and softest gold you can find, thus its purity makes its more expensive, but this also means it is less durable than gold that is alloyed with other metals. Karats in any given piece of jewelry will tell you what percentage of gold it contains: the higher the number of karats, the greater the value. 
24k – pure gold, 24 parts gold.
18k – 75% pure gold – there are 18 parts gold to 6 parts of another metal or alloy
14k – 58.3% pure gold – there are 14 parts gold to 10 parts of another metal or alloy
10k – 41.7% pure gold – there are 10 parts gold to 14 parts of another metal or alloy

Stay tuned for more on the Gold Standard with the following posts to include all about Color & Technique!!!

80 Years of Dow/Gold Ratio

A flyer for the California Gold Rush

US gold certificate (1922)

Lucky Pot of Gold Ha! 
Panning for gold in California

Original map drawn in 1849 of the Gold Bearing Regions of California 

Gold Mining License c.1853 

Blossoming Trends: Spring Delicacy

February 22, 2011

I am getting a little ahead of myself with this post but I will admit, it makes me totally excited anticipating the warmer days this year has in store for us! While Spring is still a ways away, I am a firm believer of being prepared for the upcoming trends in bloom and that is why today I bring to you a look at botanical inspired accessories! There isn't a Spring season that will pass without its fair share of floral prints hitting the trend scene. Spring is the time where gardens all around us gear into full bloom and this makes for accessories adorned with floral prints perfect for the depiction of the heavenly gardens which Spring will soon bring! Floral prints are not only romantic & intriguing, but offer an accessible garden party around your neck or wrists that is simply hard to ignore! From intricate floral bangles and necklaces to flower-shaped rings you can expect to see an array of these feminine accessories popping up everywhere from here on into the months of Spring! 
  • White Enamel Floral Brass Snap Bracelet

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  • 1 Carat Champagne & White Diamond 14K Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver Ring

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  • Vintage Christian Dior 1980's Flower Clip On Earrings

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  • kate spade new york 'trellis' crystal stud earrings

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  • Les Nereides Chic Delicate Floral Necklace

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  • Cath Kidston Floral Bangle

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