You Are Invited! Hair Feathers Jewelry and Wine Oh My!

July 25, 2011

We are doing it again! Its that time of year ladies!!!!!! This FRIDAY, head on over to Salon 1500 in Alameda and get your shop on with some new designs from Jessica-Lynn Jewelry and while youre shopping you will have the chance to aslo hop on one the latest trends!!!! You will end the night with some fabulous new hoops or bit of Ah-mazing finger bling with a glass of wine in hand & Shaking your Hair Feather!!!!! Hope to see you all there!!!!!

How Do You Arm Party!

July 21, 2011

I absolutely LOVE a good Paaarty! Cocktail Parties, Birthday Parties, Unbirthday Parties, Dinner Parties, Frat Parties (ha! ok maybe 5 years ago)! Nonetheless I think I have made my point! But really though, Aint no party like cra-cra Arm Party- cause the blingy Arm Party don’t stop!!! Yeeee! And yes, i have indeed talked about it before, you might remember from a past post, oh-how-i-stack-thee.  This party is an Arm Party Yo & if you haven’t already, join in because I don’t see this highly addictive look going anywhere any time soon! I would like to share with you a couple arm parties adorning my wrist the past couple of days and a few others in my life I’m crushing on as well! Enjoy! How do you Arm Party??

Kathy G always hosts an Arm Part that is not only unique, but nothing short of fabulous!

{An Arm Party of my Very-Own! Whoop Whoop}

{And another!}

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