She's My Kind of Rain

October 20, 2010

The weather outside has been nothing short of dismal for the past few days and the forecast ahead is not looking any brighter... I am not feeling very inspired to divulge any of the newest trends in the realm of jewelry today, but I am kinda liking what is going outside and in the sky! And these ladies (& 1 gent) in my rainy inspo board below make singing in the rain look so GLAMOUROUS!  I must say, it's a nice change that I'm making the most of.  It feels really good to have to break out the down & fur collared coat I purchased in Italy YEARS ago Extyn Italia With the almost always 20% chance of rainfall in the city where I left my heart, San Francisco, this little cloud cover makes LA feel a little more like home today! But for those of you that actually experience really cold temperatures for months at a time, this week Im channeling your storm, but please let up soon... I can only have soup for lunch so many times! Heres to the rain! 

Part IV PARTY Lucky Fall Jewelry Guide

October 14, 2010

The most playful of attention grabbers exhuberent bursts of colors in bold combinations! PARTY Jewelry! Who doesnt luv dressing up and decking out in draw dropping jems!!!!! I sure do! It is always fun finding the perfect 10 jems to pair with a fabulus red or black dress!
Below are some of my attention grabbing key picks!

Pt III CLASSIC- Lucky FALL Jewelry Guide

October 13, 2010

LUCKY Fall Jewelry Guide Pt. III - Barely-there chains timeless gems and understated designs for the heiress in all of us. I luv these classic looks because they are undying and I believe that each of these items are without a doubt; investments. This CLASSIC editorial spread remind me of a recent post of mine-
These ESSENTIALS all have that CLASSIC feel !
Here are some additional pieces that I consider a CLASSIC! 

Pt II ROCKER- Lucky FALL Jewelry Guide

October 12, 2010

Part 2 of the LUCKY Fall Jewelry Guide continues with the die hard ever-last ROCKER jewelry trend!- these pieces are undeniably tough and BAD ASS with just a hit of femininity! 

Being a real fan on this jewelry phenomenon, below I have included a few of my kinda jems that effortlessly exude the TRUE rocker chic vibe!

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