Gemstone Soaps

August 5, 2013

Soap doesn't get much better than this! Now you can bling out your sink with these gemstone-inspired glycerin soaps. A 2 oz PELLE soap stone is only about $8 and is available in Aquamarine (Fresh Mint), Onyx (Cinnamon w/ a Hint of Floral), and Crystal (Unscented) You can head on over to JnrlStr and check them out for yourself. JnrlStr is an epic little find... its just that (JnrlStr) is a general store for modern humans curating beautiful, useful and innovative products... these lovely handcrafted gem-soaps are just one fab find among what they have to offer. I'm thinking the Aquamarine needs to make its way into my life!  Below you can check out a few additional items from the JnrlStr accessory repertoire!
 Tiffany-setting diamond engagement ring: design classic, symbol of marital bliss, emblem of our status-obsessed culture. byAMT’s jewelry line puts a playful spin on this icon. The Tiffany ring’s silhouette & basic shape remains intact, but rendered in many different materials, colors, and widths
Born from the idea of reinventing the ball-joint, this gorgeous accessory is an awesome marriage of the classical and the technologically bad-ass. 
Laser cut acrylic diamonds are a girl's best friend...

Gilded in Gold

July 24, 2013

Gold and beauty are two words that work well together, but could it be... Is gold truly the fountain of youth? I recently came across an article in Harpers Bazaar whose columnist describes her afternoon spent bathing her skin in none other than 24-karat gold!  Her findings report that there is no solid data proving gold's beneficial effects on skin, but women who experience it firsthand are creating a gold rush all their own—one that  estheticians and cosmetic companies are more than happy to accommodate. And why not, at price points that have been seen to reach upwards of $1,500! GOLD is expensive, yes, but I hardly see myself paying top dollar for gold-infused products without any concrete evidence of gold's therapeutic qualities I think I will stick to my love for all things gold that lasts...
24k Deep Peeling

24K Deep Peeling $128.00

CELLULAR CREAM PLATINUM RARE 50ml Price: $1,050.00  | 50 ml / 1.7 oz


Simply Soldered at Moxie Beads

July 23, 2013

This past weekend I attended what I would like to call a little jewelry making continuing education class. And while it wasn’t at the GIA it was at the quaint little Moxie Beads located on the north end of Main Street in Santa Monica. I could go on about Moxies extremely friendly and very knowledgeable staff, but I will save my wordy praise of customer service for a later dated yelp review.

Basic Soldering 101 was the class and Christy was the fabulous instructor. Christy started us off with some soldering basics from familiarizing ourselves with our work station, basic safety, getting to know the tools we were to be working with and lastly the process. Since I mainly work with wire wrapping and rings are my specialty I was super excited about gaining the knowledge behind the joining of two metals. The class focused on working with sterling silver and we began with getting the soldering technique down, this was perfect because we had ample time to practice practice practice, make mistakes, ask questions and then try again. We did this by practicing on closing jump rings and while I don’t anticipate myself using my skills to make jump rings in the future this was a great place to hone in on the art.

 After we worked on that for a bit Christy taught us to make our own toggle clasp, but also left us to our own devices to get creative. I decided to work more on rings. From cleaning, pickling, soldering, pickling again and then shaping I worked on a variety of mini stackables.

If you follow me on IG you have already had a chance to check out my brief workshop video, but if not you can enjoy below.

If you are interested in possibly taking up a new hobby and have a love for jewelry, I suggested looking into the classes that Moxie Beads offer. They are affordable, informative and come with 2 extra hours of in store bench time to return and practice more of what you learned! This place truly has something to offer everyone. I left Moxie Beads with my very own soldering kit which they conveniently packaged for our option to buy and I couldn’t be more excited to set up my very own work station at home and get to work on some fun creations of my own!  

Its a Boy: The British Royal Jewels

July 22, 2013

The baby watch is over and its been reported that the arrival of the newest British Royal is a boy! Being the first child of The Duke and Duchess, not only will newest Royal addition be in line for the throne, but also in line to wear perhaps some of most prized royal possessions!

There are several historically unique pieces which encompass the Crown Jewels, but described below are  six pieces of the Royal Collection, held in trust by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for her successors and the nation (only two of which shall be worn by the reported most recent royal successor).  

The Imperial State Crown:

The most famous piece in the crown jewels is the Imperial State Crown (the front is left above, the back is center). It is set with over 3,000 stones, including several famous gems: the Second Star of Africa (also known as the Cullinan II, a 317 carat diamond shown in the top right detail above), the Black Prince's Ruby (which is actually a spinel with a small ruby plugging a hole, shown in the center detail), the Stuart Sapphire (bottom above), St. Edward's Sapphire, and pearls belonging to Elizabeth I.
The Sovereign's Sceptre:
The Royal Collection includes several famous individual stones, notably  the Cullinan Diamond, which was presented to King Edward VII by the government of South Africa.  The largest diamond ever found, the Cullinan was divided into nine numbered stones, the largest two of which now form part of the Coronation regalia.  They are set into the head of the Sovereign’s Sceptre and the band of the Imperial State Crown. The Cullinan set on the Sovereigns Sceptre can be removed from the Sovereign’s Sceptre and worn as a brooch.   
The tiara was made by Cartier in London in 1936 and is formed of a band of 16 graduated scrolls, set with 739 brilliants and 149 baton diamonds, each scroll divided by a graduated brilliant and with a large brilliant at the centre. 

Queen Elizabeth's Crown:
Queen Adelaide’s Fringe Necklace:

The Coronation Necklace:

This necklace features 26 of those giant diamonds. Set in silver, gold and platinum, the 25 set in the main necklace are a range of sizes up to 11.25 carats. The 26th diamond is the Lahore Diamond, the 22.48 carat pendant which was previously suspended from the Timur Ruby necklace from India.

For additional information about the royal jewels head over to The Royal Collection These gems are not only beautiful, but have a rich history and distinct gemological allure.

Mothers Day Gift Guide

May 8, 2013

I don’t know about all of you but I’m assuming you will agree with me in that you couldn’t have asked for a better mother. She has taught you that you should always reach for the stars. She is the builder of traditions and a maker of childhood memories. Regardless of your ups and downs, she is patient, and always kind with a voice of reason impossible to ignore. And in the end is always there with sometimes a much needed encouragement and everlasting unconditional love. So while Mother’s Day only comes once a year and you may not acknowledge how important she is in your life as much as you do on this one particular day, this year tell your mom how much you appreciate her with these lovely sensible keepsakes which will continue to remind of your love throughout the year!

Cathy Waterman Gold Monogram Ring $4,620

Jennifer Meyer Diamond 'mommy' Pendant Necklace $3,250

Otis B Jewelry on Etsy $30.50

Jennifer Meyer  Diamond Lowercase 'XO' Initial Ring Set $1,990

Dogeared I Love Mom Necklace $46.00


Jazz Age Glamour: A Tiffany & Co. Bauble Collaboration

May 2, 2013

I would like to take a moment to pay homage to an all-time favorite novel and a timeless classic… The Great Gatsby and how I couldn’t be more excited about taking some time out to indulge the soon to be released remake of the film. Aside from the fact that the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel remains an imaginative favorite of mine there's one more reason I’m definitely going to want to see Baz Luhrmann's upcoming remake: The jewelry! After recently reading of the collaboration for jewelry design between the films production designer and Tiffany & Co. baubles I couldn’t wait to take a peek into the wardrobe of jewels. Jon King, the jeweler’s executive vice president, said that "it’s a natural role for Tiffany. Tiffany was certainly part of this era. The brand was at the center of the parties of the rich and famous.”  I can just see it now… decadence, glitter, sumptuous fashion, the exuberant spirit of the Roaring 20’s and the lovely Carey Mulligan as the enigmatic Daisy Buchanan. I hope all of you out there will enjoy the Art Deco inspired Jazz Age Glamour... one-of-a-kind platinum and diamond-encrusted bracelets, rings, headpieces and long pearl necklaces this film adaptation has in store!
The Great Gatsby Collection Savoy Headpiece
 Freshwater cultured pearls, 3.6-6.9 mm. Round brilliant diamonds, carat total weight 25.04. $200,000
Ziegfeld Collection Pearl Tassel Necklace
Necklace in sterling silver with freshwater cultured pearls. 33" long. Pearls, 2.5 -9.5 MM $1,2000
The Great Gatsby Collection Tanzanite Ring $25,000
More tomorrow... Shop the cover!
For more on the Great Gatsby costumes check out this Vogue piece as Miuccia Prada discusses the collaboration in recreating the Roaring 20's  

Tropically Trending: Island Glam Accessories

May 1, 2013

As we slowly inch into the warmer months I find myself frequently day-dreaming of outdoor cocktail parties, island-hopping, and beach weekend getaways… and more specifically, what I would wear while doing the previously listed warm weather festivities. While summer seems to be the ideal season to stock up on a chic sandal selection, I’m gravitating to what I would like to refer to as Island Glam Accessories.  I’ve curated a mini round up of some Tropically Trending pieces that will instantly add island glam to your summer stride! As well as a bit of sunny summer worthy inspiration for good measure... enjoy!
Emerald & Rainbow Moonstone Drop Earrings $1,935

Statement of the Art Necklace in Peacock $50 $35 -

Irene NeuwirthMixed Boulder Opal Bracelet $43,380

PatrĂ­cia Viera Hawaiian Collar $605 -

CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA Green suede and coral leather “Isla” platform espadrille sandal, 6″ heel with platform, $1,075

Double Cuff Love

April 22, 2013

Its no secret that a jewelry fashion favorite of mine is the ever so edgy Arm Party! And while I can rarely be seen wearing more than just a couple of basic bangles I am always fascinated with the unique ways ladies find to style their collections. But lately Im digging a look that is a tad more on the conservative side, but really just as bold... Double Cuff Love! This look is nothing new to the jewelry trend scene and hardly a difficult styling trick, style icons such as Coco Chanel, Sofia Coppola, Diana Vreeland have been completing their looks by simply throwing on matching cuffs for years. This look is simple to tackle but it packs punch. With a single cuff adorning each wrist there's twice the opulence as they add balance and symmetry to your look. I’ve rounded up a few of what I consider the best options to consider wearing in making the Double Cuff move, this look is a little Bianca Jagger and whole lot of chic!
Eddie Borgo Safety Chain Cuff, $315 each at Saks Fifth Avenue 

ASOS Pack of Two Smooth Double Cuffs $25 -

Fendi Leather Cuff Bracelet, $295 each at Saks Fifth Avenue
Mango Faux Leather Cuff $25 each
Sofia Coppola can often be seen rocking this look!
American Vouges Editor in chief through the swinging sixties and avid Double Cuff Lover...
Style icon Diana Vreeland
Wonder Woman rocking the Double Cuff!


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