Studio 54 Disco-Glam Fever

February 2, 2011

While I wasn’t around during the 70’s and was pretty young for most of the 80’s I have always had a profound fascination with the fashion and glamour of these eras. I undoubtedly have reoccurring dreams about attending parties at New York City’s famed Studio-54 all decked out in a wildly electric outfit that screams disco-glam! The 70’s and Studio-54 truly go hand and hand as Studio 54 has almost become synonymous with this era! I could let my imagination run on forever with thoughts of disco balls, electric colors, sequenced jumpsuits, tight bustiers, mind-boggling patterns, dark crystals and layers of black lace, need I go on… I am all about being fashionably independent and the Studio 54-inspired fashion of the 70’s was not only fun, outrageous and bold, but had everything to do with making your own fashion statement! Disco will never die so in a 70’s Studio 54 Disco Glam kinda’ way... “Keep On Dancin’…”  

lady marmalade cuff 

Sabre Kozoi Sunglasses
$110 - 
lady marmalade ball charm bracelet

Triangle Long Crystal Earrings
$95 - 
ABS Allen Schwartz - Skin Deep Animal Print Pave Ball Drop Earrings (Gold Multi) - Jewelry
$79 -
Disco Bracelet
$100 - 
Giles & Brother Disco Ball Bangle in Brass and Silver
$250 - 
Small Hoop Pavé Earrings
$415 (259 GBP) -
Disco Fever Mesh Bracelet

Absolutely couldnt go without a tribute to Saturday Night Fever and Disco Ball itself!

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