Wise Words from Stevie Nicks: Leather and Lace

February 10, 2011

Wise words from the 70’s & 80’s starlet, singer-songwriter, Stevie Nicks: Leather and Lace! While these two words may not seem to go together, when it comes to accessories, especially jewelry I believe they become the perfect pair to bring out that romantic rock and roll gypsy that lies within all of us! Back in 2009, the NY Times ran an article titled Still Dressing for Stevie which is a must read if you are a true Stevie Nicks Fan! Throughout this fashion savvy editorial, author Ruth La Ferla talks about Stevie’s stylistic persona being as rock steady as her sound and I couldn’t agree more! La Ferla also characterizes Ms. Nicks’ following to embody aging hippies and youthful rockers from all over paying homage to the tambourine shaking woman under wraps. It is also noted that Nicholas Kalinoski, the creative director of a fashion house in New York credits Nicks freshness, “She’s an original, and people follow an original.” Everything about Nicks exemplifies originality which began way-back-when, when she made the conscious decision to establish her look, Nicks decided she needed a uniform! This was initially to help counteract the feelings of stage fright she experienced in the early days of her career, and with that a uniform she did establish! She truly has an ethereally visual style which I have come to see as synonymous with her emblematic lyrics! The Nicks-inspired jewelry featured below consists of unique bracelet cuffs, crescent moons, pyramid pendant designs and edgy lacy adornments which capture the overall magic of the leather-and-lace-clad Stevie Nicks! Give to me your leather… take from me my lace…  

Black Diamond Cescent Moon Pendant in Black Rhodium Over Yellow Gold

                                                                $1,135 - ylang23.com

Lace 18-karat rose gold diamond ring
                                                           $14,200 - net-a-porter.com

Jewels of the Kalahari Leather Bib Necklace with Lace
                                                       $1,300 - brownsfashion.com

                                                               $1,395 - farfetch.com

black short pyramid charm necklace
  •                                              Mini Leather Feather Earrings

  •                                                              $14 - edgeofurge.com

Midnight Lace Swarovski crystal bracelet
                                                          $605 - net-a-porter.com

                                                               $305 - farfetch.com

18-karat gold-dipped lace cuff
                                                            $1,890 - net-a-porter.com

Aurélie Bidermann 18-karat gold-dipped cotton-lace ring
                                                        $460 - net-a-porter.com

  •                                              Monogram Résille large pendant, round flower, yellow gold

  •                                                                              $4,950 - louisvuitton.com

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