Suri Cruise and her Million-Dollar Jewelry Box

September 30, 2011

Now this is a girl you won’t see wearing something twice... Suri Cruise! She has been regarded as Hollywood Royalty and this isn’t far from the truth when it comes to Suri's very own jewelry box! It has been reported that little miss fashionista herself is living nothing short of lavish having a jewelry box to rival that of the Queen of England's. Tom has stocked Suri's jewelry box with enough bling to last a lifetime. But Tom is careful to dole out gifts to all women in his household from estate and vintage pieces to Jennifer Meyer's necklaces as well as vintage cameo broaches. Not only does this little leading lady get spoiled with treasures, but as do her close friends! For Suri's 3rd birthday, MIJA jewelry was exclusively chosen for the party gift bags! 18K gold Vermeil and Sterling Silver Baby Bird and Cupcake necklaces were chosen as party favors for her guests. Its no surprise lovely Suri is such a trendy-tot as I’m sure she gets just a little help/inspiration from her always stylish mother. Overall, I would have to say that Suri's wardrobe is one both children and women alike covet, and her taste in jewelry is no exception.
I think this right might be a mini Jennifer Meyer Bead Ring in Rose Gold $550

Jennifer Meyer Bead Ring in Rose Gold $550
 Jennifer Meyer necklaces 18K gold- and diamond-encrusted letters. At $1,250  
Vintage Cameo Brooch- much like one tucked away in little princess Suri's jewelry box!
Tom & Suri arriving NY via helicopter, look close she's wearing a ring!
Cupcake Necklace - Sterling Silver & 18K Yellow Gold Vermeil w/ White Sapphires
Mama Bird Necklace - 18K Yellow Gold Vermeil with Swiss Blue Topaz $115

Trends With Benefits: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

September 28, 2011

The month of October is upon us and its that time of year! This October, honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month by shopping to support the cause! The frothy pink frenzy of "stuff" makes it so you can find and buy just about anything during the month of October to support the cause. Because of such awareness campaigns some $6 billion a year is committed breast cancer research {far exceeding the amounts that are committed to researching any other type of cancer} which is Great news for the fight against it! Women of all shapes and sizes are affected by the unthinkable and in turn so many of us worldwide are giving forcefully, eagerly and superstitiously to support the cause. Great strides have been made accounting for a new level of lifesaving developments, while fundamental questions still elude the diligent researchers on the case... Make sure your donations count, below I have included a list of some of the most well-regarded breast cancer organizations who diligently spend their $$'s on funds and research treatment. I couldn't go without  offering up some of the latest pink-ribbon trinkets/accessories to pick up in the efforts in continuing the fight against breast cancer. 

  • KEEP A BREAST Glamour Kills Bracelet

  • $3.99 -

  • KC Designs Diamond Awareness Ribbon Necklace Diamond

  • $862 -

  • Rachel Leigh For Loft Cares Bow Bracelet

  • $35 -

  • Dogeared 'Give Better - Hope' Pendant Necklace Gold Dipped One Size

  • $58 -

Where Should You Donate??

Food-Fashion: Pink Fried Chicken...

September 27, 2011

We can thank something called the Onchmovement for Nicki’s latest red carpet run in… Food-Fashion accessories are popping up all around us these days, but Im not so sure I would opt for a pink-fried-chicken wing as a choice red carpet look. Oh but don’t you worry, if you’re not a wing kinda gal this deep fried pink piece of goodness comes in a hand battered juicy drumstick as well! As they say… “Get it while its hot!”
{Hot Pink & Plastic Each wing is hand battered so no two pieces are the same!}
{best week ever but you can’t reinvent the wheel. So you might as well just turn to the chicken community for assistance with helping make an outfit “pop,” to speak...}
{and that she did!}
{By far the most outrageous fashion moment of the 2010 MTV Music Video Awards}

 {Dolce & Gabbana serve up “carbohydrate couture” with pasta earrings}

Skeletal Metallics on the First Day of Fall!

September 23, 2011

I can’t think of a more sophisticated conversation piece to start off the first day of fall… Although I haven’t officially traded in my havi flops for my trusty ballet flats just yet, fall is definitely in the air… I can feel it! These striking designs inspired right by nature are fashioned from a REAL skeleton leafs. The skeletoniszing process typically consists of the delicate remains of a leaf which has been pressed, dried, and placed between two pieces of glass, and then somehow has been sealed and coated with either gold or silver. While the ins and outs of this technique remain a mystery to me, the end result of these elegant leaves yields such an ethereal beauty providing a perfectly preserved accessory to adorn yourself with this fall! Below I have some fall worthy designs, skelontinized and more...
  • Nugaard Designs Gold Jequitiba Leaf Earrings Nugaard Designs

  • $173 -

    • Asos Statement Linked Leaves Collar

    • $64 -

    • Spring Ring in Rose Gold with Tourmalines

    • $2,780 -

    • Catherine Weitzman Plumeria Leaf Gold Cuff Catherine Weitzman

    • $700 -

    • Kendra Scott 'Celeste' Leaf Wrap Stone Cuff Turquoise One Size

    • $68 -


September 21, 2011

With just 41 days until Halloween, I couldn’t think of a better time to blog about costume jewelry. Its evident the history of costume jewelry runs deep, deeper than I feel the need to delve into, but I will say that it dates way farther back than any Claires or Afterthoughs accessories. Trinkets, fashion jewelry, junk jewelry, fake jewelry, or fallalery-  All these terms seem to be synonymous with the reference to costume jewelry. And while there isn’t really anything one of kind or ever sustainable about it {typically thats what i look for in a peice of jewelry, that its not only 1-of-a-kind but that its a keeper and will last me} its use it meant to be specific to a particular outfit giving it an almost disposable quality. I’ve never really been keen to just throwing things away {disposing of ANY jewelry that is} so I tend to be a bit crafty while investing in my choice of Haute-Costume-Jewelry. Although I wouldn’t ever classify any of the following pieces as part of my fine jewelry or as a keepsake or even a collectable, they are part of my jewelry collection and that is something overall I consider to be sustainable.      

J. Crew an all-time-no-questions-asked 1-stop-shop for some reliable Costume Jewelry! 

  • Crystal Venus flytrap necklace

  • $85 -

Asos No fail good finds 
  • Asos Vintage Style Feather Hair Comb With Diamante Detail

  • $15 -

  • Asos Linked Chain Chunky Cuff

  • $15 -

  • Asos Long Drop Earrings With Semi Precious Stone Detail

  • $27 -

sometimes all i wanna do is tap my feet...

September 20, 2011

What could make could make you wanna tap your feet more... Hey Na Na Hey Na-na
and thats what im going to do... tap my feet to the following play list!
and if you cant seem to tap your feet to my tune then i dont know what to tell you...
{my playlist for 9.20.11}  

Savoir Adore – Bodies
The Temper Trap - Soldier On
Robyn- Hang With Me
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh- Say Hi
99 Problems- Hugo

Jane Lynch's Jewels: $700,000 dollars making a gal sparkle!

September 19, 2011

Since I wasn’t feeling well {and am still VERY under the weather today ugh} I unfortunately didn’t tune in to the 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards last night… However, I did peruse the web for haves and have-nots of last night awards show and from what I read and seen thus far, the evenings first time host- Jane Lynch proved as a hit! Aside from her stellar comedic one liners leading the audience and viewers through the night this host-with-the most was adorned with $700,000 dollars of dazzling gems which
sure did add to her sparkle! Accessorized by New York jewelers estate inspired baubles, Doyle & Doyle sure did do the job!  Pamela Doyle, who co-owns the store with sister, Elizabeth and flew to Los Angeles to work with Lynch for the big night. Our inspiration was Greta Garbo, since she is Jane’s favorite actress. We focused on jewelry we felt Greta herself would have loved”  -Pamela Doyle   
Such a stunning set of jewels for sassy salty-mouth Glee actress! Luv her...

Art Deco Ruby and Diamond Bracelet  $500,000
This bracelet features 384 rubies weighing approximately 45 carats, 52 half-moon diamonds weighing approximately 10 carats, and 228 round diamonds weighing about 17 carats. It is set in platinum. 
Pave Set Diamond Hoops $38,000
These platinum hoops include 11.42 carats worth of round diamonds. 
Art Deco Garnet and Diamond Ring $9,500
The emerald cut garnet is approximately 17.6 carats, and is surrounded by 28 diamonds weighing 1.25 carats total. It is set in platinum.

Vintage Diamond Bracelet $75,000
About 25 carats worth of marquise-cut &
round diamonds decorate this platinum bracelet.
Fabulous Greta Garbo

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