Where do you keep your memories… Love & Lockets

September 30, 2010

A locket is a pendant that has evolved through the historic realm of jewelry. Although modern day jewelry is ever changing and is not yet considered “historical” the locket holds it roots throughout time.  
Whether it be to hold memories that no longer have a name, or a place that stores a keepsake photo or item which is close to your heart, lockets are endearing when it comes to cherishing a person or even just a time you may be reminiscent of... Lockets in one form or another have been around for centuries, and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere! So where do you keep your memories?

Ben-Amun Long Pocket-watch Locket Necklace 

Tiffany's Notes Locket 

Floral Embossed Locket by Extasia- Cambria Cove 

ila&i  Gael Locket w/ Flower 

ila&i  I heart you locket 

Mina Saez Keep Me Close Sweet Locket- Esty 

MStevensons Designs Filigree Locket - Esty 

ila&i Love Locket 

Zoe Chicco Silver Monogramed Locket 

Antique Style Locket Privileged 

2 Post Day- Inspiration...

September 28, 2010

This isn't quite a JEWELRY INSPIRATION post, and because Im making this a 2 post day ... well here is what is inspiring me...

Obsession du Jour: The Egyptian Knuckle Ring!

Knuckle Rings! Not to be mistaken for last weeks knuckle duster/brass knuckle post!  Found in vertical or horizontal styles, knuckle rings are an exciting and popular way to wear a ring. Made with sterling silver & or gold/vermeil  & normally very large these rings can be found worn horizontal & covering part of the knuckle or  worn vertically to wear over several fingers-  Whatever it may be these rings will ALWAYS make a statement about the wearer really without saying a WORD shhh! You know how much I like that! I am so all about the goodies Planet Blue has to offer and 1 thing for sure is they have no shortage when it comes to offering a range of these rings! Check it out for yourself! Shop Planet Blue Knuckle Rings

You can totally make wearing a knuckle ring your own trend as they can be worn on any finger or multiple fingers; there simply are no rules to commit to (which I am ABSOLUTELY a fan of) as to where a knuckle ring can be worn... Make it own!

The Evil Eye the Lucky Eye... Jewelry to Believe In

September 27, 2010

Since this little charm is something that adorns my wrist day in and day out and is something I am always asked about or complimented for, I felt this topic very post worthy. The Evil Eye design is inspired by age old beliefs and superstition. Despite its name, for thousands of years the symbol of the ‘evil eye’ has been used to ward off negative energy. The Evil Eye is also knows as the Lucky Eye! If you believe in the power of this charm it is said to behold the authority to protect from the bad jealousy of eyes and to instead bestow upon us luck, health, success, happiness and love…  

(look closely on my left wrist... there it is the Evil Eye)
Originally these pendants were made from an amalgamation of molten glass, iron, copper, water and salt, which was a combination believed to shield the wearer from evil - particularly the vibrant blue color. 

According to tradition, when someone is praised, they run the risk of attracting the “evil eye” to whatever is being praised by arousing envy in others.
So how do we avoid a potential problem the next time someone tells us that they like our shoes (but perhaps they are actually really jealous that we have them and they don’t)?
Option 1: Say thanks and continue on with your day.
Option 2: Protect yourself against dishonest compliments by wearing a charm believed to guard against evil.
It is believed wearing an “evil eye” deflects this.
The charms are usually made out of blue glass with a stylized eye design and can come in many styles and sizes, including larger ones to hang in the home or office, smaller ones worn in the form of jewelry, and even tiny ones to pin on a child for protection. Everyone should have one or maybe more! Below are some of my favorites slash suggested selections you can start with! Enjoy!

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