Obsession du Jour: The Egyptian Knuckle Ring!

September 28, 2010

Knuckle Rings! Not to be mistaken for last weeks knuckle duster/brass knuckle post!  Found in vertical or horizontal styles, knuckle rings are an exciting and popular way to wear a ring. Made with sterling silver & or gold/vermeil  & normally very large these rings can be found worn horizontal & covering part of the knuckle or  worn vertically to wear over several fingers-  Whatever it may be these rings will ALWAYS make a statement about the wearer really without saying a WORD shhh! You know how much I like that! I am so all about the goodies Planet Blue has to offer and 1 thing for sure is they have no shortage when it comes to offering a range of these rings! Check it out for yourself! Shop Planet Blue Knuckle Rings

You can totally make wearing a knuckle ring your own trend as they can be worn on any finger or multiple fingers; there simply are no rules to commit to (which I am ABSOLUTELY a fan of) as to where a knuckle ring can be worn... Make it own!

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