Lets Put the Bangle in the Bracelet!

September 14, 2010

Bangle bracelets – casual or formal they are really a bracelet for any occasion.  Usually coming in a solid circular shape of silver and gold and without a clasp they are easy to wear as they simply slip on and off over the wrist and I must say,  look great with just about anything.
Historically dating back as far as the prehistoric ages and accounted to be made of materials such as bone and other sorts of malleable stone of the time, the name bangle is reported to have originated from the combination of the two words: bracelet and dangle

Bangles may very well have been one of the very earliest types of bracelets to be worn by women around the globe. For example, the Gypsies or the Roma women of the Middle Ages- these stylish women not only wore but owned the bangle bracelet- made out of hammered mixed metals in everything from copper and platinum to gold and silver

Prior to that, in Egyptian culture, men and women wore them higher on the arm like a cuff. 

Some are wide like a cuff or narrow and thin like a thread. 

The bangle bracelet is quite timeless and seems to never goes out of fashion. Women love to wear them, myself included! Below are just a few of my favorites! 

The 1837 Bangle Bracelet is a fashionable and polished choice and is truly a favorite of mine which I probably wear 5 out of the 7 days in a given week! This Bangle Bracelet suites my unique taste & Glamour comes to mind when wearing this delicate piece. Perfect for formal or casual wear.

Lisa Stewart hammered gold bangle set is chic simplicity. Three radiant 18k yellow gold vermeil bangles.

Rebecca Norman silver wavy bangles are a fun twist on a classic style. Three bangles that are slightly hammered into a wavy formation. 

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