Where do you keep your memories… Love & Lockets

September 30, 2010

A locket is a pendant that has evolved through the historic realm of jewelry. Although modern day jewelry is ever changing and is not yet considered “historical” the locket holds it roots throughout time.  
Whether it be to hold memories that no longer have a name, or a place that stores a keepsake photo or item which is close to your heart, lockets are endearing when it comes to cherishing a person or even just a time you may be reminiscent of... Lockets in one form or another have been around for centuries, and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere! So where do you keep your memories?

Ben-Amun Long Pocket-watch Locket Necklace 

Tiffany's Notes Locket 

Floral Embossed Locket by Extasia- Cambria Cove 

ila&i  Gael Locket w/ Flower 

ila&i  I heart you locket 

Mina Saez Keep Me Close Sweet Locket- Esty 

MStevensons Designs Filigree Locket - Esty 

ila&i Love Locket 

Zoe Chicco Silver Monogramed Locket 

Antique Style Locket Privileged 

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