Pamela Love: Manufacturing Badassedness!

March 14, 2011

Pamela Love- New York based jewelry designer- Edgy- Unconventional and is probably the one jewelry designer that I profoundly admire!  While here sense of style seems to dwell internally never following or conforming to any current “trends” Love believes Trends are unavoidable, and sometimes you help create them, which couldn’t be more true for Pamela! Love is not only a jewelry designer in my eyes, but a true creator manufacturing noting short of badassedness! With countless editorial spreads, I was recently inspired by one in particular, Vanity Case: Pamela Love. This spread can be found on occasion in ELLE magazine and showcases the vanity of whoever is featured that month, similar to the idea behind “whats in your closet/jewelry box” or “whats in you bag.” For an amazing peek inside Pamela Loves Brooklyn home check out this fab post by because im addicted!  Ive just got to say I luv to luv- Love, Pamela Love 

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