Pop Rock the Ring! Tis the Season!!!!!!

November 18, 2010

With Thanksgiving approaching and Holiday shopping gearing into full swing, I have been surfing the web for those $$$ worthy $$$ find$ of the season. This morning while making yet another gift guide via mental list I came across piece of jewelry which quickly sparked childhood memories of an all time favorite candy of mine!!! What reminded me... none other than Kate Spade and her fabulously designed and equally cleverly named Pop Rocks Ring!

This 80's age old candy always finds a way to my heart, from the traditionally flavored strawberry and cherry to the seasonally spiced pumpkin (pictured up top- which i have yet to try).
With more recent additions such as the pop rocks dips and pop rocks the topping! There is even an Urban Legend to go along with this wicked little candy- one I am fearless of!!!! Death by Pop Rocks as it was recently debunked by Discovery's Myth Busters! Lethal combo... Ha! The only thing lethal about it is how fabulous Kate Spades Pop Rocks Ring is!!! Happy Holiday Shopping!!!!!!

Xx Peace and Love J-Lynn

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