Gilded in Gold

July 24, 2013

Gold and beauty are two words that work well together, but could it be... Is gold truly the fountain of youth? I recently came across an article in Harpers Bazaar whose columnist describes her afternoon spent bathing her skin in none other than 24-karat gold!  Her findings report that there is no solid data proving gold's beneficial effects on skin, but women who experience it firsthand are creating a gold rush all their own—one that  estheticians and cosmetic companies are more than happy to accommodate. And why not, at price points that have been seen to reach upwards of $1,500! GOLD is expensive, yes, but I hardly see myself paying top dollar for gold-infused products without any concrete evidence of gold's therapeutic qualities I think I will stick to my love for all things gold that lasts...
24k Deep Peeling

24K Deep Peeling $128.00

CELLULAR CREAM PLATINUM RARE 50ml Price: $1,050.00  | 50 ml / 1.7 oz


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