We’re All Brace-Faced Now!

October 10, 2011

At first I was apprehensive to embrace this trend… I struggled through braces, having them for the last years I spent in high school and even in my senior portraits, which at the time seemed like such a big deal! So as you can imagine, when I first saw these straight-teeth stretchies i wasn’t too hip to the idea. The designers, 2 sisters, Jennifer & Lisa Salzer 1 orthodontist 1 innovative fashionista have combined the stretchy power chains typically wound around the brackets of braces with individual metal brackets and colored little bands to make various funky color combinations with pops of neon. Braced-lets are what they are and they have been said to be stepping into the spotlight as the "new" silly bandz. BRACEDLETS are crafted entirely out of brand new, authentic orthodontic materials. These stretchy power chains come in a rage on bright and colorful mixes and are accented with metal brackets & contrasting elastic rubber bands. You can collect them, trade them or share them, but either way, BRACE YOURSELF! Ha! I’m not so hip to the neon colors, but I definitely stopped by Fred Segal this past week and picked myself up a few of braced-lets in some of the more subtle colors. In my opinion they fit right into my arm party!

Way to turn something typically torturous materials into something fun!

 Lulu Frost designer Lisa Salzer, her orthodontist sister, Jennifer Salxer  

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