Man-gagement Ring... Hot or Not?

October 3, 2011

I would say lets make like Beyonce and "put a ring on it" but in this case the song Single Ladies wouldn't really apply. It turns out more and more guys are putting on their own engagement rings to seal the deal these days... I have seen this trend {and i use that term loosely} on the rise over the past three years or so and recently saw a segment on My-Fox, Man-gagement rings Hot or Not? Not so sure I'm feeling this. I guess I could say call me old fashioned, but Im not even sure I am... Hot or Not? I think Not. A reader poll in the Spill Vent Gossip Go! spread in the October issue of RedBook Magazine reports the following: Man-gagement rings are a new trend for men who want the world to know they're taken before their actual wedding. Good idea or Bad? Good! = 66% Bad! = 34%  
Another recent study on revealed that 45% of women would consider buying their main squeeze a man-gagement ring. The 55% opposed to the rings said their partners would not likely be interested in the idea. Its also been said that some women are beginning to protest at being the only ones identified as off the market. And strictly speaking, they have a point, but isn't there a bigger picture at hand here... just saying.  Some jewelers attribute the increase in man-gagement rings to the legalization of gay marriage, but other say it's really because more women are proposing to men these days. But only 5% of men are opting to wear a man-gagement ring along with their bride-to-be according to the 2011 Engagement & Jewelry Statistics report.  5% huh... This hardly seems to be a number I would give regard to as on the rise... And while I am all about all things fair, traditionally speaking, men sporting the sparklers just doesn't sit right with me. In my opinion, ladies are the ones who get to sport the pre-wedding bling... but to each their own right! I mean the song doest say, Diamonds are a guys best friend, now does it? What are your thoughts, Man-gaement rings... Hot or Not?
{Hot or Not...? Ok well maybe the man-gagement ring doesn't look exactly like this...}
Groom's engagement band... sales tactic invented by jewelers to trick young couples into spending money?

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