His & Her Birthstones

November 16, 2011

{rose gold set w/ black and white diamonds}
Its without a doubt that I adore a big statement piece, but sometimes all it takes is the barest wisp of gold and thread to set my heart aflutter. This his & hers birthstone ring is a perfect little delicate piece of jewelry just perfect for marking such special occasions. But it can be anything really, like the birthstones of your best friends, maybe you parents or children. The small subtle stones make this ring pretty versatile thus wearable with any outfit. If you’re anything like me, its tough for me to take off my sentimental jewelry and with this tiny delight you need not worry!


  1. Do you know where I can get a ring like this??

  2. where can i get this ring?!

  3. seriously where is this ring??

  4. i too, would love to know where you could get a ring like this?

  5. Can you make this ring?


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