Engagement (Hand) Cookies Are a Thing

August 14, 2018

Leave it to Food and Wine to deliver the true food news gold... or should I say bling in this case...   Just when you thought you've seen it all when it comes to engagement and wedding trends, from proposal planners to bridal part flash mobs at the height of wedding and proposal season this sweet treat has Instagram written all over it. Im sure we have all been to an engagement party of two where favors included ring shaped sugar cookies, but the engaged hand shaped cookie with ring and manicure to match is on a new level. While this trend is nothing entirely new you can head over to Instagram and follow the hashtag #handcookies to see where it actually goes... @ocd_obsessive_cookie_designer was certainly onto something when she first posted the above image in honor of international women's day back in March of 2017 and pictured below @ninafriend and her recent engagement couldn't of had a better photo to showcase her exciting news - and her captions says it all "When Art (AKA Cookies) imitates life..."

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